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SOFIA measurements of Nearby Galaxies and the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way

organized by:

  •  Juergen Stutzki (Uni Koeln)

  • Thomas Wilson (MPIfR, Bonn))

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 14:00-18:30

Room: 47.05

The scientific goals

The SOFIA data are from the completed “joint impact proposals” on M51 and the Central Molecular Zone (both complete velocity resolved maps in [CII]), several GREAT and FIFI-LS observations of a number of individual galaxies (M 82, M51, IC 342, IC10, NGC6946 and the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds) and the recently started survey program of a large sample of nearby galaxies. These results, in combination with maps of the carbon monoxide molecule, atomic carbon, radio continuum and where possible, optical images are compared with models of galactic evolution and to determine the star formation rates, element abundances, ionization state of the ISM and the details of stellar processing.

Scope of the Splinter Meeting

The splinter will provide a platform for the collaborators of the above projects, including PhD students, to present first results and to stimulated the interest of the larger community in these results.


14:00IntroductionT. Wilson & J. Stutzki
14:05The cycle of star formation and ISM transport in the CMZA. BryantDSI
14:25Large scale mapping of the Central Molecular Zone: C+ and CO emissionD. Riquelme MPIfR
14:45SOFIA GREAT Observations of [OI] in the Circumnuclear Ring Region of the Galactic CenterE.BecklinSOFIA/USRA
15:05FIFI-LS observations of the Circumnuclear Ring. Probing the high-density phase of the PDR.C. IserloheIRS, Uni Stuttgart
15:50Combined velocity-resolved C+ and dust polarization observations of 30 DoradusJ. GoicoecheaCSIC
16:05What can we learn from FIFI-LS fine structure line mapping ? - Some examples of nearby galaxies observed with SOFIAC. FischerDSI
16:20Unraveling the evolution of the interstellar medium and star formation in the M51 grand-design spiral galaxy with SOFIA.J. PinedaJPL
16:35Observing CII in external galaxies with upGREATC. BuchbenderUzK/PH1
16:50CII from diffuse gas in M51M. ZiebartUzK/PH1
17:05M51-like galaxy simulations: the role of the interaction on the star-forming molecular gas.R. TressUni Heidelberg
17:20CII in nearby galaxies as seen by SOFIAE. SchinnererMPIA, Heidelberg
17:35Studying the Interstellar Medium of Local Group Galaxies with SOFIA M. ChevanceHeidelberg University
17:50Dynamical Evolution of Nearby galaxies from EDGE-CALIFA surveyV. KalinovaMPIfR, Bonn
18:05The Close AGN Reference Survey: Discovering a [CII] line excess in a multi-phase AGN-driven outflowI. Smirnova-PichukovaMPIA, Heidelberg
18:20The EDGE-CALIFA survey: kpc- resolved morphological quenching in nearby galaxiesD. ColomboMPIfR, Bonn
18:35THE END


SOFIA/FIFI-LS Observations of the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253A. BeckDSI, Stuttgart
Observations of the Starburst Galaxy M82 with SOFIA/FIFI-LSS. LatzkoDSI, Stuttgart


Please register on the AG webpage https://conference.dsi.uni-stuttgart.de/event/2/ for this splinter meeting.


Main contacts are Prof. Dr. J. Stutzki, Universität zu Köln; Thomas Wilson (), MPIfR, Bonn; and Dr. Christof Buchbender (mailto:buchbendSpamProtectionph1.uni-koeln.de), Universität zu Köln,