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Theoretical Astrophysics Group (TAG)

The research of the TAG covers a large range of astrophysical problems, which are investigated by means of high-performance, 3D, magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of star formation including multiscale physics including state-of-the-art astrochemical models.

On galactic scales, the research covers the formation of molecular clouds, the impact of stellar feedback like radiative feedback, stellar winds or supernova on the life-cycle of such molecular clouds and the properties of the Galactic ISM.

On smaller scales, we investigate the formation and properties of star forming filaments -- the building blocks of molecular clouds.

On even smaller scales, our research investigates the formation and evolution of protostellar disks and jets and the feedback onto larger scales.

All simulations are continuously compared to actual observations by means of synthetic observations produced from the simulations.

As diverse as the research itself are the tools to promote it: From massively parallel MHD codes like FLASH, GADGET and GANDALF over astrochemistry codes like KROME to modern radiative transfer codes like RADMC-3D and POLARIS.