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PhD Theses

  • "The H3+ + H2 Isotopic System: Origin of Deuterium Astrochemistry",
    Hugo, Edouard (2009)
  • "HSOH - An elusive species with many different traits",
    Baum, Oliver (2008)
  • "Rovibrational Spectroscopy on Linear C7 and C8 in a Supersonic Jet Expansion",
    Neubauer-Guenther, Petra (2007)
  • "A Supersonic Jet Spectrometer for Terahertz Applications (SuJeSTA)",
    Caris, Michael (2006)
  • "High Resolution Terahertz Spetctroscopy on Small Molecules of Astrophysical Importance",
    Sandra Brünken (2005)
  • "Hochauflösende Infrarot-Spektroskopie an Edelgas-Methan van der Waals Komplexmolekülen",
    Wangler, Michael (2004)
  • "Carbon Chain Molecules: Production and Spectroscopic Detection",
    Fuchs, Guido W. (2003)
  • "High Resolution Spectroscopy of Ethyl Methyl Ether and Hydrogen Cyanide Isotopomers",
    Fuchs, Ulrike B.C. (2002)
  • "Carbon Chain- and Ring-Molecules in the Laboratory and in Space",
    Thorwirth, Sven (2001)
  • "Spektroskopie an van der Waals Komplexmolekülen",
    Roth, Daniel (2000)
  • "Infrarot–Spektroskopie an kleinen Kohlenstoff–Clustern",
    Berndt, Ute (2000)