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November 2021: 18th nov: The SOFIA legacy program FEEDBACK for the DAS (P. Carcia), University of Chile, seminar talk

October 2021:  28th oct: LVM team science meeting (P. Carcia), "LVM - FEEDBACK Synergies"

September 2021: 3rd sep: Intived talk (N. Schneider) at DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) Herbsttagung

September 2021: AG Tagung 2021 (september) online, talks by N. Schneider, S. Kabanovic

August 2021: SOFIA teletalk 11 aug  by M. Luisi

July 2021: The future of airborne/submm astronomy 2021, talks by L. Bonne, M. Tiwari, S. Kabanovic, R. Karim

June 2021: SOFIA teletalk 16 june by M. Tiwari

 April 2021: Talk by M. Tiwari at Lorentz workshop "What are the effects of stellar feedback in RCW49"

 May 2021: Talk  by S. Kabanovic "SOFIA FEEDBACK CII observations reveal the geometry of RCW 120"  Online conference (Beirut)


 September 2020: Ag-Tagung 2020 Confronting simulations of the ISM with observations and measurements, S. Kabanovic, C. Guevara

 August 2020: Presentation N. Schneider (Tata institute in Mumbai/India)

June 2020:  EAS_2020: EAS virtual conference, Posters by S. Kabanociv, C. Guevara, N. Schneider


November 2019: Progress report review for NASA (N. Schneider)

September 2019: AG Tagung Stuttgart Splinter 17/09/2019 and FEEDBACK meeting

September 2019:  Avignon conference "The Physics and chemistry of the ISM and FEEDBACK meeting"

June 2019:  Presentation N. Schneider at SFB retreat