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Information on Abstract Submission

Abstracts have to be submitted for both talks and posters. These must be prepared using the LaTex template you find here. You can include figures in your Abstract (eps, png and pdf allowed), but text plus figures in the final PDF must not exceed one page.

After preparing your Abstract, please submit it as a compressed file (.tar, .gz, .zip; file size limited to 20 MB) containing your edited LaTex file plus the figure files and the PDF of your Abstract.

Name the compressed file as follows, depending if the abstract is for a talk or for a poster,


where [_nn] can be used to number subsequent abstracts by the same participant. Beware that the space in the poster hall only allows for one contribution per participant so that multiple posters may be rejected if that space is exceeded. The decision on the acceptance of talks and  posters will be made by the SOC by June 15, 2020.

Use the registration form with your login and password  to upload your archive-file.

Abstract Book

The online version of the Abstract Book can be downloaded here at later point in time.