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CO2 compensation

Carbon offset schemes allow people to invest in environmental projects worldwide to compensate their carbon footprint. These projects are developed to reduce future emissions and are often located in developing countries.

The symposium encourages a voluntary contribution to a CO2-compensation program.

Climate change has been a key factor in increasing the risk and extent of wildfires in Chile, including temperature, soil moisture, and the presence of trees, shrubs, and other potential fuel. All these factors have strong direct or indirect ties to climate variability and climate change. Climate change causes forest fuels (the organic matter that burns and spreads wildfire). A 53% increase in wildfires has gravely hit Chilean forests.

The organizers have sought out a local foundation called: Fundación Reforestemos dedicated to planting trees in devastated areas in Chile. Your contribution will help to compensate your CO2 emission by supporting indigenous plant nurseries to reproduce new trees.

If you would like to make a voluntary contribution, please check the corresponding box on the Registration page and specify the amount of your donation.

All contributions are welcome!