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BSc, MSc & PhD

For Bachelor, Master and PhD projects, please contact me directly at labadie(at)ph1.uni-koeln.de


Students supervisions

Bachelor thesis

Casper Reinerth, “Martian mesospheric winds around northern hemisphere summer solstice from high-resolution spectroscopy” (2012)

Caroline Wischnewski, “Venus upper atmosphere - wind and temperature analysis from infrared heterodyne spectroscopy” (2013)

Dominik Derigs, “Investigation of optical tunneling into waveguides layers and its application to high-angular resolution techniques” (2013)

Johanna Böhm, “Development of a broadband-scanning for atmospheric observations in the mid-IR regime” (2013)

Sabine Graf, “Catalog of stars in embedded and open clusters suitable for infrared interferometric observations” (2015)

Dominik Strixner, “High angular resolution imaging of binary stars at optical wavelengths with adaptive optics and speckle imaging” (2015)

Moritz Wiegand, “Retrieval of Martian temperature profiles - Based on IR heterodyne spectroscopy of CO2 absorption lines” (2016)

Cem Aktas, “Mid-infrared long-baseline interferometry - Measurement of VV Ser and Allen’s source young disks” (2016)

Ravn Henkel, “Effects of Wavefront Aberration in Prisn-Coupling Techniques” (2016)

Birka Zimmermann, “The stellar content of massive young clusters” (2017)

Alexander Wojtczak , “Interferometric near-IR observations of VV Ser with AMBER/VLTI” (2018)

Susanne Scholz, “Characterization of mid-infrared integrated beam combiners” (2018)

Lennart Buhlmann, “Image reconstruction of astronomical objects in the infrared” (2019)

Mariia Manerova, “Methods of Characterization of Infrared Detectors” (2020)

Jonas Kaufhold, "Interferometric Observations and Modelling of Herbig Stars with GRAVITY/VLTI: the Cases of GU CMa, PDS 27 and PDS 37" (2021)

Nicolas Schoffers, "Influence of Binning and Data Coverage on Image Reconstructions of HD98922" (2021)

Roland Braun, "Automating Model Sampling from Interferometric Data with an easy-to-use MCMC-Sampler for Astrophysicists" (2022)

Till Dassel, "Eine detaillierte Analyse von D9 auf dessen Keplerorbit um Sagittarius A*" (2023)

Alessio Popovik, "Interferometric Observations with GRAVITY/VLTI and Orbital Modelling of GU CMa" (2023)


Master thesis

Pia Krause, “Development and characterization of new components for a miniaturized heterodyne infrared spectrometer” (2013)

Maren Herrmann, “Infrared heterodyne spectroscopy as a tool for comparative investigations of the atmospheres of Earth and Venus” (2013)

Daniel Güngör, “High angular resolution imaging techniques for the study of faint companions” (2014)

Fabio Eupen, “Interferometric Study of the young binary star WW Cha and its protoplanetary disk” (2015)

Joschua Hellemeier, “Determination of the absolute column density of mesospheric sodium and its fluctuation” (2015)

Elena Kokoulina, “Investigating YSOs properties with optical high-angular resolution imaging” (2016)

Sabine Graf, “Study of protoplanetary disks evolution in multiple systems” (2018)

Thomas Poletti, “Simulation and characterization of integrated optics beam combiners for astrointerferometry” (2018)

Dominik Strixner, “Characterization and testing of new mid-infrared integrated optics beam combiners for long-baseline interferometry” (2019)

Birka Zimmermann, “Automated member identification methods for young stellar clusters” (2019)

Alexander Wojtczak, "Exploring the Brackett-gamma Emission Region of a T-Tauri Star with GRAVITY" (2020)

Marie Devinat, "High angular resolution observations analysis : detection and morphology of circumstellar disks" (2021)

Tobias Herold, "Investigation of the radial velocity of young T Tauri stars using high-resolution spectroscopy of ESPRESSO"  (2022)

Jonas Kaufhold, "Resolving the Snowline in Protoplanetary Discs with the VLTI, ELT and JWST: Feasibility and Perspectives" (2023)


Doctoral Thesis

Tobias Stangier, “Atmospheric Thermal Properties of Venus and Mars” (2014)

Jan Tepper, “Towards high-resolution and high-contrast imaging in mid-infrared interferometry - Integrated optics beam combiners for astro-interferometry” (2017)

Anas Taha al-Maothani, “Mid-infrared imaging of two circumstellar disks: the cases of HD179218 and Epsilon Eridani” (2017)

Balaji Muthusubramanian, “Simulations of group-delay tracking strategies in the astronomical K and L bands” (2018)

Juan Andrés Cahuasquí Llerena, “Mid-infrared interferometry of young stellar objects: detection of a hot component inside the circumbinary cavity of V892 Tau” (2018)

Sabine Graf, “Planet-disk interactions in the binary system Kepler-38 and contribution to the METIS/ELT instrument" (2022)

Valerio Ganci, “Characterization of the inner regions of protoplanetary disks by spectro-interferometry” (2023)