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Theoretical Astrophysics group Cologne - TAC

Our research deals with the numerical modelling of the star formation process by means of high-performance, 3D, magneto-hydrodynamical (MHD) simulations. The simulations cover large spatial scales from ISM physics on kpc scales over molecular clouds on scales of 10 - 100 pc to star forming filaments on (sub-) pc scales and finally to protostellar discs and jets on scales of 10 - 1000 AU.

In our research group we use several tools like the (M)HD codes FLASH, GADGET, GANDALF , the astrochemical code KROME or radiative transport codes like RADMC-3D and POLARIS.


In the following, we give a detailed overview of the projects

This work is supported by


3D, Adaptive mesh refinement, magneto-hydrodynamics code (FLASH CENTER for computational science)

SPH code written in C++ (written by David Hubber) Download from github

Gandalf precursor written in Fortran 90 (by David Hubber) Download from github

SPH code by Volker Springel. Visit Code website

Radiative transfer code for synthetic observations. Visit Code website