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Lectures & Seminars

Current semester

Winter 2019/2020
  • Theoretische Physik III: Klassische Feldtheorie; go to WEBSITE
Summer 2019
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik; go to WEBSITE

  • Hydrodynamics Kurs; go to WEBSITE

Winter 2018/2019
  • Advanced Astrophysics; go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik; go to WEBSITE
  • BCGS Intensive Week - Numerical Methods in
    N-Body Dynamics; go to WEBSITE
Summer 2018
  • Hydrodynamics; go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik; go to WEBSITE
Winter 2017/2018


  • Astrophysik I; go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik; go to WEBSITE
Summer 2017


  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik
Winter 2016/2017


  • Theoretische Physik III a / III b - Klassische Feldtheorie; 
  • (BSc course): go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik
Summer 2016


  • Hydrodynamics  (MSc course): go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik
Winter 2015/2016


  • Theoretical star formation  (MSc course): go to WEBSITE
Summer 2015


  • Computerphysik  (BSc course): go to WEBSITE
  • OberSeminar Astrophysik: go to WEBSITE
Winter 2014/2015


  • OberSeminar Astrophysik: go to WEBSITE
  • Obserseminar  Computational Astrophysics
Summer 2014


  • Hydrodynamics  (MSc course)
  • Obserseminar  Astrophysik

Completed PhD thesis

Completed Master thesis

  • Elisabeth Borchert „Synthetic observations of CO and the XCO factor of molecular clouds“ 10/2019
  • Thorsten Balduin „The impact of dust properties on synthetic polarization spectra“ 01/2020
  • Michael Weis „The virial balance of molecular clumps in colliding magnetized flows“ 06/2020
  • Shashwata Ganguly “Implementation of Meshless MHD Scheme in Star Formation”, 12/2018
  • Andre Klepitko “Radiation pressure first absorption scheme”, 11/2018
  • Peter Gerliz “Equilibrium Conditions in a model of the Milky Way”, 05/2018 
  • Tim-Eric Rathjen “Driving turbulence into dense clouds”, 10/2017
  • Jonas Sonnabend “Hydrodynamics simulation of supersonic gas expansion and quantitative flow determination“, 10/2017
  • Johannes Markert “Modelling turbulent gases with Finite Volume and Discontinuous Galerkin models”, 06/2017
  • Paul Rode “Episodic Outows from low-mass protostars”, 01/2017
  • Dominik Derigs “A novel entropy-stable MHD solver for FLASH”, 07/2015

Completed Bachelor thesis

  • Christina Clauss  „Chemische Entwicklung von turbulenten Gasen“ 01/2020
  • Pierre Colin Nürnberger “Do supernovae induce turbulence in molecular clouds?”, 09/2018
  • Julia Ehmer "Synthetische Beobachtungen junger akkretierender Sterne”, 02/2018
  • Andre Klepitko “Towards understanding radiation pressure feedback in radiative transfer simulations”, 08/2016
  • Elisabeth Borchert “Simulated dust thermal emission of galactic discs”, 03/2016
  • Michael Weis "Formation of molecular clouds in colliding magnetized gas flows”, 03/2016
  • Thorsten Balduin “Testing the Chandrasekhar-Fermi method with synthetic polarisation maps of star forming filaments”, 11/2015
  • Tim-Eric Rathjen “Untersuchung eines verbesserten Refinement-Algorithmus für hydrodynamische Simulation”, 11/2015
  • Felix Weidenmüller “Modelling gas chemistry in the turbulent interstellar medium”, 09/2015
  • Paul Rohde “Protostellare Scheiben in Mehrfachsternsystemen”, 09/2014