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Teaching at the University of Cologne of Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckart

Prof. Andreas Eckart and his group are involved in teaching activities at the Physics Department of the University of Cologne. This includes lectures, tutorials, lab courses, and seminars.

In the Bachelor program (in German), Prof. Eckart teaches lectures in experimental physics, including:

  • Experimental physics I (mechanics, thermodynamics)
  • Experimental physics II (electrodynamics, optics)
  • Atomic physics
  • Astrophysics I
  • Physics for natural scientists

In the Master Program (in English), Prof. Eckart teaches lectures in advanced astrophysics, including:

  • Astrophysics II
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Galaxy Dynamics
  • Interferometry

Prof. Eckart and his group are also involved in:

  • Lab courses A, B (Bachelor), and M (Master)
  • Advanced seminar on modern astrophysics

For this semester's lectures, please check the Vorlesungsverzeichnis KLIPS.