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The Exploration of the Universe

Large Scale Star Formation and Supermassive Black Holes


Cologne / Prague Based Online Conference 

Date: 21 - 22  September  2020

A meeting to discuss progress and plans for studying the Galactic Center and other nuclei of galaxies in order to investigate the conditions of Star formation and the interstellar medium in the immediate vicinity of Super-massive Black Holes and the connection to their activity.
The meeting summarizes the success in analyzing the stellar orbits and the emission processes at the galactic Center and other nuclei.
We put the findings into perspective with large scale star formation and theoretical finding concerning accretion disks.

Conducted within the CRC 956, 'Conditions and Impact of Star Formation' [A02], funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) project ID184018867
as well as the DFG program E137/10-1 and the Czech Science Foundation, grant No. 19-01137J.

The meeting starts on September 21 (Monday), 13.00, and ends on September 22 (Tuesday), 2020.



I.Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln, Germany and

Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic