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a Cologne-Prague-Collaboration 

Date: 3 - 5  March  2020

Location: Czech Technical University (location) in Prague, Czech Republic

The release date of the JWST Cycle 1 GO (General Observers) Call for Proposals is January 23, 2020 and the deadline for APT (Astronomers Proposal Tool) proposal submission is May 1, 2020. The intention of this JWST workshop is to get local astronomers and scientists with specific scientific questions prepared to develop technical feasible and promising proposals.

Topics of the workshop:

  • JWST mission status and instruments: NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS, MIRI
  • Available proposal tools and end-to-end tools usage
  • Available observing science modes and observing strategies: Imaging, Integral Field Spectroscopy, Multi Object Spectroscopy, Slit spectroscopy, Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy, Coronagraphy, Time Series Observations, Aperture Masking Interferometry, Moving Targets, Parallels.

We recommend all participants of the Master Class event to prepare the following before coming to Prague:

  • Install the latest version of APT ( version 2020.1.1 - Jan 22 2020) 
  • Establish a MyST account
  • Access the online exposure time calculator ETC

Other useful preparations would be:

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