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How structures in the interstellar medium are generated

GENeration and Evolution of  Structures in the ISm
GENeration et Evolution des Structures du milieu InterStellaire

is a German/French collaboration project started 1.5. 2017 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinde (DFG) and the French Agence national de recherche (ANR).

The objective of this research project is to better understand the structure and evolution of molecular clouds in the interstellar medium (ISM) and to link cloud structure with star-formation.  For that, far-infrared observations of dust (Herschel) and cooling lines (SOFIA) are combined with ground-based submillimetre observations of molecular lines. Dedicated analysis tools will be used and developed to analyse the maps and compared to simulations in order to disentangle the underlying physical processes such as gravity, turbulence, magnetic fields, and radiation.

A new and innovative approach is to combine the competence of the members of the Cologne KOSMA group in structure identification methods and SOFIA with the expertise of the Bordeaux LAB star formation group in Herschel and spectro-imaging maps, and the Bordeaux GeoStat team of the INRIA institute who are experts in nonlinear methods for the analysis of complex systems.

Project summary



GENESIS participants

Main investigors Cologne:  Nicola SchneiderRobert Simon
Main investigator Bordeaux: Sylvain Bontemps

Main Collaborators:  Cologne: V. Ossenkopf-Okada, M. Roellig, S. Walch, J. Stutzki; Bordeaux/INRIA: H. Yahia; Bordeaux/LAB: T. Csengeri, F. Herpin, J. Braine; Paris/LERMA: A. Gusdorf; Canberra: C. Federrath; Bulgaria: T.  Veltchev; Heibelberg/ITA: Ralf Klessen, Simon Glover; Boston/CfA: P. Myers

Projects within GENESIS
Publications of GENESIS

News from GENESIS

January 2021: GENESIS is extended until 10/2022

December 2020: Publication "Formation of the Musca filament: evidence for asymmetries in the accretion flow due to a cloud-cloud collision" (Bonne, Bontemps, Schneider et al. 2021)

November 2020: Publication "Description of turbulent dynamics in the interstellar medium: multifractal/microcanonical analysis I. Application to Herschel observations of the Musca filamentmultifractality in the ISM " (Yahia, Schneider, Bontemps et al. 2021)

October 2020: Publication "The structure and characteristic scales of molecular clouds" (Dib, Bontemps, Schneider et al. 2020)

September 2020: Publication "Dense gas formation in the Musca filament due to the dissipation of a supersonic converging flow" (Bonne, Schneider, Bontemps et al. 2020)

January 2019: Acceptance of the SOFIA legacy proposal FEEDBACK with N. Schneider as PI together with A. Tielens

September 2018: Lars Bonne (PhD student from GENESIS) received a price at NOVAQ (Festival de l'innovation) 13.-15.9.2018 in Bordeaux

September 2018: "Publication "Anatomy of the massive star-forming region S106" (Schneider, Roellig, Simon et al. 2018) S106 highlight paper in A&A

March 2018:  Public outreach talk 13.3.2018 at the Goethe Institut in Bordeaux:   Link in German     Link in French

January 2018GENESIS Poster at the AtLAST conference in Munich (17.-19.1.2018)

September 2017GENESIS/MOBS Kick-off meeting 28. and 29.9.2017 in Bordeaux