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Do I need a Chile visa?

Most non-EU residents need a Visa to enter Chile.

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What if I Need a Chile Visa?

Check whether you need a Visa to enter Chile! If you, make sure you request a notarized invitation by August 15 at the latest!!

If you are a visa-required national, you have to apply for a Chile visa online, and obtain it from the nearest Chilean Embassy/Consulate. The process for obtaining a Chile visa is as follows:

Complete the online Chile visa application and attach electronic copies of all the required documents.
After the visa is processed (and approved) submit your passport and originals of the required at the Chilean embassy or consulate stated on your online application.

Pay the Chile visa fee (you only have to pay a fee if your Chile visa application is approved.
The Chile authorities review your documents and place the visa on your passport. You have 90 days to travel to Chile. Click here to see a more detailed explanation of the Chile visa application process and requirements.

Keep in mind: You must apply for a Chile visa at least 30 days before your intended date of travel.