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Molecular Physics I/II

Molecular Physics is one of the seven major subjects in physics at the University of Cologne.

The subject encompasses lectures (2 core lectures and several other offers) as well as an advanced seminar and a lab course.

To arrange the modules in this subject for your study plan check the time table of course offerings.

Suggested literature

  • P.Bernath: "Spectra of Atoms and Molecules"
  • G. Herzberg: "Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure", Band I-III
  • P.R.Bunker/P.Jensen: "Fundamentals of Molecular Symmetry"
  • W.Gordy/R.L.Cook: "Microwave Molecular Spectra"
  • C.H.Townes/A.L.Schawlow: "Microwave Spectroscopy"