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X-ray photoionization cross sections

X-ray radiation transfer calculations rely on well-informed knowledge of the photoionization cross sections to account for attenuation and ionization processes. This script to generate the cross section data needed for the XRayTheSpot module (Gaches et al. 2022, in prep), the X-ray extension to TreeRay (Wunsch et al. 2021), to allow for temperature-dependent cross sections for gas temperatures between 104 to 107 Kelvin.

This python script relies on the ChiantiPy package (https://chiantipy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) to compute thermal ionization equilibrium and the Verner cross section parameterization data for X-ray photoionization (the data is included in the github).

The script can be used to produce files tabulated X-ray photoionization cross sections as a function of temperature and energy. Within the script, the user can define their own abundances for the elements, or change the energy and temperature ranges of interest. If used, please cite Gaches et al. (2022, in prep).

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