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The 7th* Chile-Cologne-Bonn-Symposium

Physics and Chemistry of Star Formation
The Dynamical ISM Across Time and Spatial Scales

September 26-30, 2022
Puerto Varas, Chile

Welcome reception on 25 September 2022 at 5 pm

* in the series of the former Zermatt-Cologne-Bonn-Symposia

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The conference had 134 active participants from all around the globe. We have compensated for the CO2-emission of the travel by financing the reforestation of native forest in Chile.

Fundacion Reforestemos


Selected photos from the conference can be found here.

Important dates and deadlines

Date Event / Issue Comment
1st April 2022 Opening of registration and abstract submission  
18th April 2022 Deadline for early registration with reduced payment. 10% rebate on conference fee
22th May 2022 (23:59 CEDT) Deadline for abstract submission for talks and posters
After this deadline further abstracts will be accepted as poster contributions.
22th May 2022 period with 100% refund on cancellation ends, 50% refund on cancellation beyond NOTE: 10% processing fee on refund!
8th June 2022 Announcement of SOC selection of contributed talks and posters until here, participants not selected with at least one talk and or poster can cancel at no cost.
15th July 2022 period with 50% refund on cancellation ends, no refund on cancellation beyond NOTE: 10% processing fee on refund!
15th August deadline for abstract submission for talks in the special session on JWST first results  
1st September 2022 Deadline for registration, including
submission of abstracts for poster contributions
beyond this date: contact LOC or ContactoChile; payment via bank transfer only!
26th September - 30th September Conference  


Scope of the conference

The 7th Chile-Cologne-Bonn-Symposium (in series of the former Zermatt-Cologne-Bonn-Symposia) Physics and Chemistry of Star Formation; The Dynamical ISM Across Time and Spatial Scales (now scheduled for September 26-30, 2022) continues the series of symposia on the physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium (ISM) which is held on a roughly 5 year cycle since 1988.

Following the long-term tradition of the former Zermatt Symposia on the Interstellar Medium, we will stay with the concept of a broad topical range, addressing all aspects from the large scales in time and space, i.e. the cosmological evolution of galaxies driven by star formation, down to the details of star formation in individual, local regions and to the micro-physics of molecule formation and excitation. The Symposium thus will cover the development of this research field as a whole over the last 5 years in review talks and the recent topical results in selected contributed talks.


Rooms will be available for Splinter Meetings by projects/topical groups in the evenings; please contact the LOC, if you plan on using this option.

Weekday morning afternoon evening
September 25
    Welcome reception
September 26
Session I Session III a Splinters (on request)
September 27
Session III a/b Session III b/III c & Posters Splinters (on request)
September 28
Session IV Excursion Conference Dinner
September 29
Session V Session III b cont. & Posters Splinters (on request)
September 30
Session II Session III c cont.  


Scientific organizing committee
Bronfman, Leo
Chapman, Scott
Ferrara, Andrea 
Goicoechea, Javier
Schinnerer, Eva
Schlemmer, Stephan (chair)
Stacey, Gordon
Stutz, Amelia
Takahashi, Satoko
Yang, Ji
van Dishoeck, Ewine
Zinnecker, Hans
Universidad de Chile
Dalhousie University
Scuela Normale Superiore
Instituto de Fisica Fundamental CSIC
MPI für Astronomie
Universität zu Köln
Cornell University
Universidad de Concepcion
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Purple Mountain Observatory
Sterrewacht Leiden
Universidad Autonoma de Chile
Santiago, Chile
Halifax, Canada
Pisa, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Heidelberg, Germany
Köln, Germany
Ithaca, NY, USA
Concepcion, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Nanjing, China
Leiden, The Netherlands
Santiago, Chile



A conference proceedings book will be published as an electronic book by the University of Cologne Library (KUPS) including a full ISBN number and DOIs. The costs for the book are included in the conference fee. Page limits are 7 pages for reviews, 5 pages for invited talks and 3 pages for contributed talks, and 3 pages for poster contributionss.

How to write your proceedings article.

For general questions about the conference please contact the LOC via
"zermattchile2022 [at] ph1.uni-koeln.de".

For questions related to the registration contact ContactoChile via
"zermattchile2022 [at] contactochilecom.cl"

Local organizing committee
R. Bustos
I. Breloy
P. García
S. Herbst
A. Lagarini (ContactoChile)
W. Max-Moerbeck
V. Ossenkopf-Okada
D. Riquelme
R. Rodriguez
Á. Sánchez-Monge
R. Schaaf
F. Schlöder
D. Seifried
A. Stutz
J. Stutzki (chair)
S. Thorwirth