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COVID-19 Chile

The data on this page should be used as information for your pre-travel arrangements.

Please understand that while we strive to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here. We will do our best to keep you updated. Check this page often!

Due to COVID-19, travel advice is subject to rapid change. Countries may change entry requirements and close their borders at very short notice. Travelers must check updated travel advice from their own country's web page/Embassies on restrictions and entry requirements and safety and security advice. We will be updating the information on this page for Chile as it becomes available to us.

It is required to bring the policy of a health insurance which states that Covid19 -treatment is covered with up to 30 000 USD.

Update August 12, 2022:

Covid-19 measures as of September 1, 2022,  for non-resident foreigners entering Chile. 

  1. Completing the C-19 affidavit will no longer be necessary
  2. Your country-based vaccination certificate will be permitted if your name is the same as that on your identity document. (these can be various certificates if vaccination occurred in several countries).
  3. Anyone arriving without vaccination certification or is a non- vaccinated person must provide a negative PCR test result taken 48 hours from departure to Chile.
  4. Non-resident foreign tourists´ vaccination certificate will be valid in Chile and considered your “Mobility Pass.”  Make sure you always carry your vaccination certificate with your matching ID.
  5. Upon arrival at the airport, your first stop will be at the Ministry of Health Sanitary documentation desk, where a random selection of passengers is tested. 
    1. If you are selected,  you must undergo a PCR test (this takes around 15 minutes)
    2. If you are not selected, continue and go to PDI (Police)/Immigration (a long cue, be patient!)
  6. Next step, SAG (CUSTOMS CONTROL), you can fill in the affidavit online at: sagingresoachile.cl Make sure you select at the bottom of the first screen “ Sin clave unica” and follow the steps; you will be offered to choose a language and continue. If you prefer to fill it in at the airport, watch out for signs providing a QR code under “SAG” or get a paper version at the airport.

We recommend you have all the necessary documentation in print and digital form.

Minors under 18 years old will not be subject to any special requirements to enter Chile.




  1. Validate your vaccines (single-dose or other)
  2. Ministry of Health Information: Booster shot: 
    After six months have elapsed since the initial primary vaccination scheme, a booster shot is required for Mobility Pass users (i.e. all persons over twelve years of age).  The booster is only valid vor 6 months. Please note that (different from most countries), you need a second booster after 6 months to keep the Mobility Pass valid.
  3. 48 Hours before departure issue a Travellers Affidavitvisit www.c19.cl

  • A negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) is no longer required for entry to Chile
  • Travellers will have to present the following documents when boarding their flight to Chile
  • As of April 14, 2022, the Chilean government no longer requires travellers to obtain a Mobility Pass (“Pase de Movibilidad”) in order to enter Chile. 

Hotels, hostels; Domestic travel (by plane, bus, etc.) ; Indoor dining at restaurants; Participation in organized tours/events; Large public events (sporting events, concerts, etc.)
The Conference organizers highly encourage travellers to obtain a Mobility Pass prior to arrival.

Obtaining the Mobility Pass may take a minimum of 4 weeks (read the step-by-step explanation below).

To validate your vaccines go to: www.mevacuno.cl
When entering this webpage, you will see these images:

You will be prompted to enter an email (correo electrónico) and provide a password (contraseña), then select enter (ACCEDER):

Once you have created your account, you will enter the following page: 

At the bottom of the screen on the left-hand side, please change the language to English (where it says "Español" ):

You will then choose My Profile and enter the "Continue Verification Request." (If you are a foreigner, you do not have a Clave Única or Chilean Identity Card, but you can verify your identity by sending an image your document or passport.
When uploading your information: please ensure the image of your passport or identity card is clear! 

Follow the instructions. Once you receive a confirmation, you will need to reenter the same platform and go to Validation

The system will not allow you to upload your vaccine scheme without entering your passport image and "My Profile." Please note that the vaccines must be uploaded individually; each vaccine has its own file (one QR code image is not enough and could be rejected).  

Once you receive confirmation that your documents are approved, you will now have a "Pase de Movilidad" (Mobility Pass); this electronic document verifies you have completed an entire vaccination course against COVID-19. If your Mobility Pass does not individually display all of your vaccinations, you should resubmit your proof of immunization.
You may want to read further information on entry conditions here.  

The approved Mobility Pass should have all vaccinations (including booster shots) individually registered. 

The Mobility Pass will allow you to enter Chile, travel, access restaurants, drugstores, supermarkets, hotels, conference centers, etc. 


You will be required to complete a "Health Affidavit"

Enter "My Profile" (mevacuno.gob.cl) and choose on the left-hand side C19

You will be prompted and redirected to the C-19 and will be requested to fill in a "Pasaporte Sanitario" (Health Affidavit)

Follow the instructions and provide your personal data to ensure this document is ready for arrival. 

If you want to check the incidence of Covid-19 in Chile, check  tracking by Reuters