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Cancellation and refund policies

  • you can cancel your registration free of charge (but with a 10% transaction fee applied, sorry!) until May 22, 2022. After that date, we can only refund 50% (again, with a 10% transaction fee). After July 15, 2022, no refund will be possible in case of a cancellation.
  • cancellation with full refund will be possible for registered participants, where the SOC selected neither a submitted talk abstract nor a submitted poster abstract.
  • refunds will take time to be processed
  • all refunds will be made no later than 3 months after the Conference has ended.
  • all cancellations have to be done by email to: "zermattchile2022[at]contactochilecom[dot]cl"

When we have to decide to switch to the fall-back of an on-line only format for the Symposium, we will refund the registered participants with the difference between the in-person Symposium fee and the on-line Symposium fee. Processing this refund may take several weeks.