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Travel Information

Arrival in Chile

When traveling to Chile, you will arrive at the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport of Santiago de Chile, also known as Pudahuel Airport.

From the airport, there are several options to reach the conference venue at Hotel Enjoy in Puerto Varas, listed below in the section Traveling to Puerto Varas.

The Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (IATA: SCL, ICAO: SCEL) is located 15 km (9.3 miles) north-west of downtown Santiago. It is Chile's largest airport and the busiest international air passenger gateway to the country.

Before arriving to Santiago, flight attendants will ask that each non-Chilean passenger fills out the required Tourist Card (Tarjeta Migratoria). This will be stamped and returned to you by the International Police, with your passport, at the Immigration Check Point upon arrival to Santiago.


All hotels require that each guest presents her/his Passport and Tourist Card upon registration. In addition, this document will allow you to use the 19% VAT tax exemption for foreign tourists in the hotel payment.

The Tourist Card must be surrendered upon departure. Failure to submit this card upon departure may result in delays until a replacement is obtained. If lost or stolen, the Tourist Card must be replaced by the International Police (PDI) (website is in Spanish only) at their nearest office or at the international airport prior to departure.

Entry / Exit Requirements for Minors

In an effort to prevent international child abduction, Chile has put in place strict requirements for the entry/exit of minors under the age of 18. Even when the minor is traveling with both parents, the parents will be required to show evidence of their relationship to the child when departing the country. Please carry an original, apostillized or authenticated birth certificate.

Visa Requirements for Chile

Visitors to Chile must obtain a visa from one of the Chilean Consulates/Embassies unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Chile generally maintains a reciprocal visa policy with other countries. For more information, please check:


Changing to the Domestic Airport

The Santiago airport is one terminal with international flights at one end and domestic flights at the other. You will be entering Chile at Santiago and will go through passport control, customs and a screening process by the Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG) or Agriculture and Livestock Service.
The purpose of this screening is to prevent the introduction of new diseases, pests, or plagues that could adversely impact Chile’s production and economy. For more information, please read the following:


Once you have passed the screening process, you will then exit the international area on the ground floor. You will need to take an elevator to level 3 (Arrivals is on level 1 or Ground level). You will need to check-in to your domestic flight on Level 3 on the eastern end of the airport. 

If you do not already have your domestic flight booked to Puerto Montt, it is wise to leave at least a couple of hours for this, otherwise we recommend having all flights booked and confirmed before leaving your home country. Time of year and number of planes on the ground can influence the time needed to move from the International area to the Domestic terminal. Flights in the Domestic terminal close 30 minutes before take-off.

Traveling to Puerto Varas

From the international airport, the are several options to reach the conference venue at Hotel Enjoy in Puerto Varas, listed in the following: 

1. Flights: strongly recommended

Direct flights from SCL to Puerto Montt's Airport "El Tepual" (PMC, more info here), which is the closest one (~20 km) to Puerto Varas. The flight SCL -> PMC takes around 1.5 hours. The flights are provided by the following airlines:

Please make sure your ticket's rate includes regular baggage if you need it, as some of the these companies operate mostly as low-cost airlines including only carry-on luggage. Upon arrival in Puerto Montt, the symposium will provide shuttle bus transport to Puerto Varas. There are also public transportation options. The trip takes ~30 minutes. Ground transportation options and fares can be found here.

2. Bus:

Bus from Santiago de Chile to Puerto Varas (12-hour trip). In this case, you need to:

  • Travel from Pudahuel Airport to "Terminal de Buses Estación Central" (TBEC) downtown. For this, take the "Centro Puerto” bus (more info here) to TBEC. Buses from Pudahuel Airport to TBEC depart every 15 minutes. The bus fare is ~1.800 CLP one way. The trip takes ~45 minutes. 
  • From TBEC to Puerto Varas bus terminal: for booking options, check for available tickets here. When booking, make sure your bus departs from TBEC as not all bus companies departure from that terminal.

3. Car:

Car trip from SCL to Puerto Varas takes about 10-11 hours (distance about 1000 km). There are several rental car companies available at SCL airport (MITTA, AVIS, SIXT, EUROPCAR, etc.). The road is a concessioned double lane highway. The total toll costs for the use of the highway from SCL to Puerto Varas are around ~ 28,000 CLP each way.