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EXCURSION: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 FROM 14:00 TO 18:30 HRS pick-up at Hotel Enjoy
The park is 50 kilometres from Puerto Varas.


The roaring waters of Chile’s Petrohué Waterfalls (Saltos del Petrohué) tumble through the lush, volcanic landscape of Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park in Patagonia. The falls’ steps are made up of dramatic basalt formations, brought to the surface aeons ago by the snow-capped Osorno Volcano, which rises photogenically above the cascade.
The Petrohue Falls is a beautiful waterfall of the Petrohue River that empties from Lake Todos Los Santos, a short distance downstream. These falls are placed amid the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.

The waterfall is supported by basaltic lava stemming from the Osorno Volcano that sits in between Todos Los Santos and Llanquihue Lakes and provides an exciting background for pictures. The average water flow of these falls is of 270 m3 per second. Still, it can be much more than that during the rainy season when the surface level of Lake Todos Los Santos rises by up to 3 meters. You will marvel at the southern countryside. In the rehabilitation centre for wild animals at the Park, you learn about the local fauna comprised of the puma, pudú (small wild deer), huiñas (wild cat), and southern foxes.  
Excursion fee includes transport, guide, national park entrance fee, box lunch: 40 cm x 30 cm box, 1 Maqui Berry Juice 187ml, 3 types of cheese, grapes, salami, serrano ham, sauce, olives, crackers, and 1 macaroon. Bagel or Ciabatta bread with Philadelphia cream cheese, salmon, green leaves & capers. 80 grams of dehydrated fruit, 4 oz Tiramisú dessert, and coffee. 

Excursion price:
Euro 80€
US$ 85
CLP 75.000

Please note that the Excursion is not included in the Conference Fee!